PAN Amsterdam -  24 november to 1 december 2019 

PAN Amsterdam, the fair of today for art, antiques and design.
Every year more than 45,000 art lovers are inspired and tempted by the many thousands of works of art. Whether your interest lies in classical antiquity, old masters, photography, contemporary art, antiques, designer furniture or decorative objects,ten. 

Exhibited at collectie Harms Rolde.
Collection Harms has been a professional art dealer for more than fifteen years, specializing in contemporary figurative art.

NEW ART WORK  ' Paradise Beach'  Mykonos

Oil on panel 80 x 203 cm


"I am self thaught. To get inspiration I travel to the Dutch coast or to the wadden Island Texel to observe the light, the space and the appearance of shadows.

The sparkles in the sea, the dunes and the skies are an unrelenting stream of inspiration and ideas that I process on panels in oils."


Gelos Michailidis 
Utrecht 1968

"I am passionate about painting. When I have spare time I pick up my brush and start painting!"