PAN Amsterdam

14 to 21 november 2021

The 34th edition of the art, design and antiques fair PAN Amsterdam will take place in the RAI Amsterdam from Sunday 14 to Sunday 21 November. The National Art Fair PAN Amsterdam offers an extremely high-quality and versatile range of more than 110 participants.


These art, design and antique dealers represent the top of the industry in The Netherlands. With experienced veterans such as A. Aardewerk Antiquair Jeweler, Kunsthandel P. de Boer and BorzoGallery, and enthusiastic new participants such as Bildhalle, Willem Baars Projects and St1 gallery. There are also a number of top foreign traders on the eclectic PAN fair present.


The art work is exhibited by Kunsthandel Collectie Harms Rolde


Gallery van Dun

De Lind 52 - Oisterwijk

Big Wave

oil on panel 90 x 244 cm

AVAILABLE at Kunsthandel Collectie Harms Rolde


When the lockdown started in March 2020, I was in my studio on Texel. Everything suddenly came to a standstill, an enormous calm ensued.

When I walked to te sea and  the dunes every day, I rarely saw people. Even on the beach there were no people, I was completely taken over by nature.


It seemed as if I had ended up in a virtual reality game, where all people had suddenly disappeared. There was a serene peace which was very beautiful and on the other hand felt very unreal because there were no people. Even the sea was calm and there was no wind.


This inspired me to paint art work  'Calm down.'


I wish everyone a nice summer & good health!


Kind regards,

Gelos Michailidis


Oil on panel - 60 x 120 cm




The paintings are exhibited at:


Kunsthandel Collectie Harms Rolde

Hof van Saksen - Nooitgedacht


Gallery van Dun

De Lind 52 - Oisterwijk


Galerie ArtFusion

Villa Arena - Amsterdam

Magazine Landleven

Landleven is an outdoor living magazine. In February 2020 is an interview with Gelos. In this article he tells how his paintings are made, about his inspiration and motivation. Every winter he paints in his studio on the Wadden island of Texel. Landleven is for sale in various supermarkets and book stores.  Read more>>

"I am self thaught. To get inspiration I travel to the Dutch coast or to the wadden Island Texel to observe the light, the space and the appearance of shadows.The sparkles in the sea, the dunes and the skies are an unrelenting stream of inspiration and ideas that I process on panels in oils."

Gelos Michailidis 
Utrecht 1968